In a third successive Arbitration win for CEA, Arbitrator Sandra Mendel Furman has ruled that the District violated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Union and CCS in November 2020, when it unilaterally reassigned CEA Career and Community Resource Coordinators (CCRCs) to greet students and monitor breakfast and lunch at two District Career Technical Education campuses. As a remedy, the Arbitrator has ordered back pay at the contractual hourly rate for all CCRCs who were unilaterally reassigned.

The District and Union engaged in over 18 sessions of negotiations for a 34-page MOU just prior to the reassignment, including detailed roles and responsibilities for each bargaining unit member during the 2020-2021 School Year. Nevertheless, Arbitrator Furman wrote in her decision that despite both parties’ willingness to be flexible to meet challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, “these changes were done without bargaining with the Union. These requested add-on responsibilities were known while discussions at the table could have occurred.”

CEA President John Coneglio remarked; “It remains our goal to resolve disagreements with CCS informally, but we will not hesitate to enforce our agreements. After a third straight ruling against them, we implore our District to reexamine their decision-making when it comes to following through on their agreements with educators.”